A Blogger’s Introduction


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Title: Anna’s Introduction

My name is Anna and I am a third year Graphic Design student. History of Graphic Design is one of my theory subjects and we were given the task to write a blog on any topic of interest that we have. This is to demonstrate our understanding of the postmodern essence of pluralism and its relativity to focus on a specific topic for intensive research.

I chose mushrooms as my topic because I have an interest in all living organisms in our universe but mushroom are special to me. They remind me of my childhood due to the whimsical mushroom houses of fairies and dwarfs often spoke about in bedtime stories by my parents. They have always fascinated me, partly because I always wondered what it would feel like living in a mushroom but mostly because they are breathtakingly beautiful to me. Now that I am a Graphic Designer, mushrooms appeal to me because of their successful contour. They come in a variety of shapes and colors yet the simplicity of their design makes mushrooms an internationally known token, its shape recognized by most of the world’s population. In my line of studying, if you could achieve that level of success with a company’s logo or identity it means you have done your job well.



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Photographer: Gaborfrom Hungary


GaborfromHungary, (2009), y [ONLINE]. Available at: http://mrg.bz/c2b202 [Accessed 9 August 2016].


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