A Mushroom’s identity


 Image: 6

Photographer: Luokexi


Luokexi2, (2012), l [ONLINE]. Available at: http://mrg.bz/93cb9e [Accessed 9 August 2016].


A Mushroom is technically a Fungi and fungi display a vast diversity in forms, thus making mushroom identification a complex procedure.

The classification and division of organisms are labelled in Latin or Greek, it is a standard procedure implemented by biologist Carl Linnaeus during the period of 1707–1778. Linnaeus published his books in Latin because at the time Latin was used in Western Europe as the language of science and the scientific labels were in both Greek and Latin. Linnaeus books are recognised worldwide as the origin of labelling taxonomy.

The taxonomy of Fungi are divided into ranks, typically the higher ranks of the taxonomy has the smallest number of shared characteristics amongst the species of Fungi, whereas the lower ranks of classifications has more characteristics in common.

To identify a mushroom or a fungi, every aspect of it needs to be carefully observed and compared. The relevant characteristics include the shape, colour, texture, and smell of the Fungi’s fruit body. It is also important to consider the mushroom’s geographical location and substrate of choice.


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