I am Mushroom

Some people dislikes mushroom but the mushroom is actually a fun-gi. What exactly is the purpose of these alienated species? I did some research and it turns out that they are definitely not housing for fairies and dwarfs. Many species of Fungi are decomposers, they contain enzymes which assists in producing required nutrients for the soil. They also live in association (have a relationship) with insects and plants in very particular environments.

Fungi relies entirely on its environment for its sustenance, meaning that they depend on a specific blend of complex organic nutrients derived from dead plant and animal matter. So the purpose of Fungi in nature depends on the specific nutrition growth or changes in a given environment. They play an important part and various species of mushrooms has an association with specific species of plants in its environment. This association is called ‘mycorrhizal’ is a Greek term used to describe that they cannot grow without each other even though the relationship is not always beneficial to both.




Image: 7

Photographer: L, Marcus

MarcusL, (2014), h [ONLINE]. Available at: http://mrg.bz/8b7639 [Accessed 9 August 2016].


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