The Psychedelic 60s

During 1960 a new form of art emerged amongst hippie subcultures in America. It was originally inspired by psychedelic trips artists had from using hallucinogenic drugs such as psilocybin (magic mushrooms), mescaline and LSD. This form of art was influenced by surrealism, art nouveau, Victorian art, and pop art. Characterised by hallucinations which would best be described as a distortion of perspective and awareness. Psychedelic art mostly has bright contrasting colors, curvilinear shapes, and text used to create parts of the image resulting in illegible type.

West Wilson was born in 1937 and famous for being one of the best-known designers of psychedelic art. He designed psychedelic posters for Bill Graham of the Fillmore in San Francisco and also created his own psychedelic font in 1966. His font gives an impression of movement or melting just like the psychedelic art characterized by its optical vibrating effects of graphic lines.

Victor Moscoso a trained Graphic Designer was born in Spain and moved to San Francisco during 1959. He is best-known for combining colors from the opposite end of the colour wheel, each having an equal usage of space, contrasted by light and dark to create an effect referred to as vibrating colors. He invented a visual style for psychedelic art and his type was illegible to compliment his designs.


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