A Corporate Philosophy on The Mushroom Company Logo


Image: 32

Title: The mushroom Company Logo

Reference: http://www.themushroomcompany.com/


The company logo is the company’s identity and customers must be able to recognize a successful company by its logo. The Mushroom Company is successful because its name and logo tells the viewer exactly what the company sells, mushrooms. The design is clean, simple and straightforward. They used two fonts in the design of the logo, a curvy font stating the name of the company and a serif declaring their existence from 1931. The layout of the typography is well-proportioned and easy to read. The colors of the logo are white and purple, creating a high contrast between the white typography on the purple background, making it easy for the viewer to read. The Mushroom Company’s logo is successful because it is a well-recognized logo and portrays the company’s true identity.


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